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"Polar centralizes all data from all brands and enables us to break down any metrics. When adding a new brand: it takes 10 minutes instead of 4 weeks with other tools."

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Cube Partnership: Boosting Performance and Efficiency with Polar Analytics

Cube Partnership is a sporting goods company that specializes in partnering with brands. They buy licenses from different brands and design and build merchandise, as well as retail and online strategies.

They have grown from 4 people in 2020 to 60 people today, and are currently partnering with 14 brands like Aston Martin F1 Team, Corona, Budweiser or Rugby League World cup.

The Early Days: Pre-Polar Pain Points

What were your challenges?

"When working with multiple brands, the biggest challenge is to identify what has been done where, and when. Once you know that, you want to know what worked and what didn't and eventually deep dive into each metric to correct and optimize your actions.

We are capable of doing all that thanks to Polar now.
We can filter our ROAS by brand and create automated Alerts if a ROAS (or any other metric) decreases under a specific threshold."

Monitoring Performance Before Adopting Polar Analytics

"We would check and download data from each account on each Ads manager and then import that into a Google Data Studio. It was a time-consuming and tedious task with data maintenance & report building"

Jumping Into Polar: 10' vs. 4 weeks integration

How did you find out about Polar Analytics?

"It was from Reece at Manière de Voir who shared a screenshot of his Polar dashboard. It intrigued us because at this time we were still struggling with combining data and maintaining data flow in Data Studio.

We then googled your name, looked at the 5 stars reviews on the Shopify App Store and that was it. As soon as we connected the first source it was so easy. Everything is self-explanatory, and we just spent an hour or so connecting all the data sources of all our partners, and we were ready to go!"

Which features are key to you?

"Native connectors enable us to integrate all our sales channels. Then, Views & Custom Report enable us to segment data by brand and break down any metrics by marketing campaigns, brand, country, order tag, etc.

We use Shopify wholesale and Polar can filter easily those orders for us.

Regarding integration when adding a new brand: it takes 10 minutes instead of 4 weeks with other tools."

What benefits and ROI did you observe with Polar Analytics?

"First of all, it is a collaborative tool. Our Merchandise team uses it for Product sales monitoring and our e-Com team uses it for digital marketing and e-mail marketing monitoring.

We've got an internal meeting every Monday for each brand and we just share screenshots of Polar!

In terms of time optimization, we are saving at least 5 hours of reporting a week. When it comes to money, it is hard to quantify but Polar alerts us when something happens in order to identify and correct issues."


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