Connor hitchcock
Founder & CEO

"Polar is something we plan to use for a long time because it helps drive better decisions. I'm in there every day, I feel accurate!"

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How did you start?

It all started in my basement in Indiana during college with t-shirts & stickers design. At one point, a team of the university lost a post-season game in a dum way and we made a t-shirt out of it. It worked fantastically and the story was on.

Nobody was selling online, only physical bookstores and designs were the same for all schools. Going online and having a specific design for each school were 2 huge differentiators.

Started a Shopify website in 2018. Small schools took a chance on us, then bigger schools followed. Now we have all the big schools. We went from 2 people in 2019 and now we're 30!

What were your goals?

What are your marketing challenges?

Bring all the schools of the country to our portfolio. Scale our Marketing activity. Have a precise view of Attribution & daily updates on Blended CAC.

How did you monitor growth before Polar Analytics?

Very manual. Monthly reporting only through spreadsheets. We needed to add all the revenue from our different platforms.

Why Polar Analytics?

How are you using it?

Have the ability to analyze performance by-product collection.

LTV & Cohorts are useful as well. Views are useful every day and during our subscription period to better monitor our subscription campaigns' performance.

Custom Reports are also really helpful.

What benefits and ROI did you observe with Polar Analytics?

Daily analysis instead of monthly. Have Products performance in the same tool as our Marketing channels one.

Polar is something we plan to use for a long time because it helps drive better decisions. I'm in there every day, I feel accurate!


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