Rania Refsi
eCommerce Project Manager

"Polar provides a holistic overview of our ecommerce performance and an optimal reactivity to optimize our marketing"

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How did you start?

It all started in 2014 with two business school friends. Their wishes: "make the ordinary extraordinary" and "put joy and colours in our everyday life products". Since it started, Merci Handy has had a strong brand image. We rely on collaboration and community rather than discounts.

The team is composed of 20 people. We have offline & online activities and international development in progress. We started with hand care products and are now developing body care, skin care, and oral care ones!

What were your goals?

What are your marketing challenges?

Customer retention thanks to our mission statements.

Building a strong online community, use the hand care products to drive customers to our other product ranges (oral care, body care, skin care). Finally, push limited editions and fidelity programs online to push this channel.

What were your needs?

We wanted to have a trustful and human relationship with our growth platform. Having all our data sources in one single place and views by store were mandatory for us.

How did you monitor growth before Polar Analytics?

We used Google Analytics for retention and Shopify for sales. Then, we spent lots of time wrangling with data and consolidating them on spreadhseets.

Why Polar Analytics?

How are you using it?

Views and the creation of "homemade metrics" are really important to us.

Custom Reports are ideal to answer our specific needs which are changing continuously

Finally, automated Slack Reports are really useful!

What benefits and ROI did you observe with Polar Analytics?

We are saving a lot of time in our reporting and key metrics analysis. Even more for a small team like ours.

Polar gives us an overview of our work and enables us to adjust our marketing actions really quickly.

In a nutshell, Polar is synonymous of fluidity and tranquility!


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