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"The Custom Report feature enables you to build any report from scratch with endless possibilities and even create your own indicators.."

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How did you start?

Mister k. was created in 2018 by Charlotte Husson.
As she said: "One day, I wanted to combine my passion for beauty, quality and details by creating my ideal wardrobe, but differently. Our planet desperately needs it!"

"We are a dozen people team. We exclusively sell online, but sometimes organize physical sales in our showroom.

What were your goals?

What are your marketing challenges?

We have two ways of selling: product in stock or pre-orders.

Following our performance split by these 2 ways of selling is crucial to us. We also follow very closely our new customer % and repeat %.

What were your needs?

Polar enables us to follow our performance indicators globally and especially drill down and filter them by order tags for example (stock vs. booking).

How did you monitor growth before Polar Analytics?

We needed to export data from each datasource before compiling them into a spreadsheet. It was long and tedious.

Why Polar Analytics?

How are you using it?

Views are useful to filter by order tag in our case.

Custom Key Indicators are also useful and help me a lot with our weekly reporting.

Finally, the Custom Report feature enables you to build any report from scratch with endless possibilities and even create your own indicators.

What benefits and ROI did you observe with Polar Analytics?

Daily and weekly reporting are faster and more reliable: great gains in time and comfort!

The Product team is also supported by the Product performance provided by Polar (Inventory, Bundles, Top Products, etc,)


Native connectors with e-commerce tools
Views feature
Cohorts analysis
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