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"Measuring Blended CAC is a real pain in the neck without Polar.We tried other tools and even thought about building our own tool before we found Polar.

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How did you start?

We launched Inspiir in 2016 with lots of different services and we started focusing on e-com Shopify in 2020. We are a combination of a services-based & consulting business. We consult each stage of the funnel.

We are now focusing on Consulting so we are3 people providing services to 12 clients.

What were your goals?

What are your marketing challenges?

Optimizing conversion, increasing Lifetime Value, and monitoring blended CAC.

What were your needs?

Measuring Blended CAC is a real pain in the neck without Polar. We tried other tools and even thought about building our own tool before we found Polar.

What's the most important metric according to you?

CAC is key. If it's too high we're going to focus on areas. Is it our Ads? Is it our conversion rates? IfLTV over time is low, what do we need to change in the post-purchase experience to increase it.

Why Polar Analytics?

How are you using it?

I really like the Customize dashboards, those have been super helpful. We are able to breakdown acquisition metrics by sales channels.

As a Consultant, when the CAC or an other metric evolves, I can go through each channel and see which one is performing well or not.

LTV is now on the Key Indicators sections which are helpful as well.

What benefits and ROI did you observe with Polar Analytics?

The ROI is well over the cost of the product. We're saving hours every week to be able to just dive in and troubleshoot things very quickly instead of diving through each platform.

When pitching Polar to Marketing Directors, we say that the cost is fractional compared to the value that they'll get out of it and the important decisions they'll be able to make.


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