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Elevated Faith

Josh Gander

Aug 30, 2021

"With online sales, stores, b2b, recurring business our marketing reporting was a nightmare. After spending $1000+ in Data Studio Connectors and data viz freelancing we found Polar that made our marketing decision much easier. Great customer support and customization for an affordable price"

Founder & CEO

The Cobblers

Mehdi Sellami

Jan 27, 2022

"This is a very robust analytics platform that plays with Shopify VERY well. I have integrated Tik Tok ads, Pinterest ads and Snapchat ads seamlessly which most platforms don't offer. The customer service is top notch as well and they are always willing to work on further integrations if they don't already offer it!"

Media Buyer

Sparklane (Magal group)

Sacha Griguer

Mar 12, 2022

"The app is very user friendly. We are able to see our key metrics and performance in less than a minute! David and his team were very helpful and helped us creating custom reports. Definitely recommend."

Co-founder & CEO

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choose Polar Analytics

Data Connectors
Data Connectors you'll actually use as a Shopify brand
Beautifully designed dashboard
Actionable dashboard, built by eCom operators
Ability to marry data from different sources
(CAC, ROI, etc.)
Smart insights and anomaly detection
Dedicated Support, Training and Customization
(Advertising only)
(Advertising only)

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