All-in-one eCommerce Analytics Dashboard to
sell more and improve profitability

Identify how to drive revenues, ROI optimizations and automate your reporting with Polar Analytics.

Monitor Spend, Cost Per Acquisition and ROAS daily

Automatically aggregate all your marketing data in one place

Quickly identify profitable & unprofitable segments

Easily understand your growth.
Breakdown by Platform, Source, Country, you name it

Data is refreshed daily - no maintenance required

No data-engineering required.
In a few clicks your team has access to a powerful interface to analyse all their data.

Monitor all your marketing spend easily

Aggregate all your marketing spend in the same place. Easily map new users to costs, and monitor your Cost Per Acquisition on a daily basis. 

Spend vs. Blended CAC Chart

Actionable charts to identify the opportunities

Quickly see marketing segments to expand and marketing segments to optimise. Identify signals in platforms, country or channels

Marketing Channels Charts example

Connect all your Shopify Stores

Aggregate data from all your Shopify store in the app. Create views to segment this data by Country or by brand if you are an agency or an e-commerce venture studio

Marketing Channels Charts example

Slice and Dice your Data Easily

Leverage this e-commerce dashboard to quickly identify the segments in your traffic that are poor or well performing thanks to Smart grouping by Device, Country, Source, Medium, etc.

Marketing Channels Charts example

Personalize as much as you want

Get a dedicated data team to build custom reports or request complimentary access to our SQL builder.

Query your data easily
SELECT products, costs, new_clients, emails_sent
FROM shopify
JOIN facebook_ads
JOIN google_ads
JOIN klaviyo

The best way for Shopify Marketers to get actionable insights on their CAC & LTV

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