Track your goals and get predictive forecasts to make sure you're on track

Using machin learning

Polar will automatically pro-rate your targets

Enter your targets for any metrics

You can define absolute, or weekly, monthly or yearly targets for any kinds of metrics, ratios or dollars amount. Most frequent ones are revenue objectives or CAC, ROAS and Conversion Rate targets.

Measure progress seamlessly

Polar will automatically convert your targets in comparable data. Transform yearly goal in daily objective, or compare progress against absolute goals like hitting your first $1M in sales.

Understand the true drivers of what's driving increase or decrease

You can define absolute, or weekly, monthly or yearly targets for any kinds of metrics, ratios or dollars amount.

Smart alerts and insights using machine learning

Never miss an issue affecting your revenue or customer experience ever again.

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Screenshot of machine learning alerts
Cart abandonment anomaly detection

Monitor your metrics in realtime with machine learning

Polar creates machine learning models to detect unique patterns for each metrics, and to identify anomalies that require your team's attention.

Models take into account Seasonality (what's normal for periodic changes like week-over-week?), Trends (is this metric usually trending upwards?) and Holidays (what's normal for Christmas?)

Spot anomalies and opportunities instantly

Polar is monitoring your data 24/7 to find abnormalities and optimisations.  You can also add custom value alerts for each metric.

Polar notifies you immediately through e-mail or Slack when the issue arises.

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What you'll be able to do

Join the augmented analytics revolution

Identify conversion drops instantly
Catch campaigns with poor ROI faster
Turn signals into growth levers

Quick and easy setup


Connect your data sources

Polar requires no installation, and no engineering work. You can simply connect every platform you want Polar to monitor, in one click. 

We can also connect to the database you're already using for analytics.

Select metrics

You can create any metrics you want on Polar and set them on auto-monitoring mode. 


Get Polar alerts & insights!

That's it! Sit back and relax, Polar is now actively monitoring your store and looking for optimisations.

The best way for Shopify Marketers to get actionable insights on their CAC & LTV

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