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More than 100+ Shopify brands are getting actionable Recharge insights effortlessly with Polar Analytics

Recharge Analytics for Shopify Brands

Connect Recharge to Polar Analytics and get advanced analytics for your subscription business running on Shopify.

No set-up or engineering required, you just need one click to integrate Recharge and get access to all of your Subscription KPIs, including MRR and Cohorts Analysis right within the Polar Analytics app.

We are specialised in Shopify stores, deliver custom on-boarding and support you 24/7 in your analytics need.

A ready-made Recharge Dashboard
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Available metrics
MRR - by Product Types, Titles and Subscription Types
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New MRR vs. Churned MRR - by Product Types, Titles and Subscription Types
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Active Customers and Active Subscriptions
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New Customers by countries
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Customer Lifetime value or "LTV"
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Cancellations by cancellation reason
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Average number of orders before subscribing
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Products purchased before subscribing
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Dedicated Support and Personalization
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Track your Subscription KPIs

Go through Recharge Data easily, marry it with Acquisition and Shopify Data to filter by Subscription Type, Product Type or Acquisition Channel

Active Customers and Active Subscription on Recharge

Monitor Churn and Cancellations

See why users are cancelling their subscriptions, evaluate the amount of churned revenue and improve customer experience.

Recharge MRR

Calculate Lifetime Value

Adjust your acquisition cost to expected lifetime value of your customer. It's all done automatically with Polar Analytics.

See how the first product purchased influences LTV and Retention.

Recharge LTV Chart

Understand the path to subscription

For each subscription, see how many people purchased one-time products before subscribing as well as what products they purchased.

Understand the products people buy before subscribing and improve your Marketing ROI.

Recharge LTV Chart

Aggregate all your Recharge data without efforts on Polar Analytics

No more spreadsheets with 10 tabs. You only need one click to connect and centralise all your marketing datasources.

Get all the insights you need to run your Subscription business on Shopify.

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Custom Dashboards
You already know what data and charts you need? 
Need some custom integrations? Specific metric aggregations?

Thanks to our platform that integrates with all your data-sources, we can build fast and affordable personalized charts, with the specifications that suits your business. 

Our team works on a per-project basis with custom pricing, depending on the amount of work required to build your dashboard. Contact us to get a quote today.

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