Manage customer acquisition
more effectively

Save time while managing Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other marketing channels

Make sure you're on budget

Automatically aggregate all your marketing data in one place

Monitor ROI easily

Monitor effectively your Acquisition Costs and ROI of your marketing spend.

Quickly identify Opportunities and Optimisations

Set up Slack alerts on any metrics to identify anomalies

Easily check total marketing spend everyday

Polar Analytics aggregates all your marketing spend automatically.
You can monitor every day how much you spent and add alerts to make sure the volume doesn't go above budget.

Chart of Spend by Marketing Channel

Surface and calculate CAC, ROAS and LTV automatically

Calculate your revenues net of product costs, map conversions to costs and monitor effectively your Acquisition Costs and ROI of your marketing spend. Polar takes care of the mapping and aggregation for you!

Chart of Spend vs. CAC

Identify optimisations, no efforts needed

Quickly see marketing segments to expand and segments to optimize.
You can set up Slack alerts on any metrics to identify an absolute value reached (i.e. Acquisition Costs went above target) or a relative change (i.e. Cost per Add to Cart increased abnormaly in the last 3 days).

Slack alerts example

Get daily snapshot on Slack or Email

Get a daily snapshot of your metrics on Slack: Daily ROAS, CAC and Marketing Spend. Make sure you are on top of what's happening and improve your CAC:LTV ratio

Slack alerts example

Personalize as much as you want

Get a dedicated data team to build custom reports or request complimentary access to our SQL builder.

Query your data easily
SELECT products, costs, new_clients, emails_sent
FROM shopify
JOIN facebook_ads
JOIN google_ads
JOIN klaviyo

The best way for Shopify Marketers to get actionable insights on their CAC & LTV

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Effortless Client Reporting
for Shopify Agencies

Using machin learning

Get all your client data in one place and streamline your reporting process.

See how other Agencies are using Polar Analytics
to drive better results for their clients

Cube Partnership
14 brands

"Polar centralizes all data from all brands and enables us to break down any metrics. When adding a new brand: it takes 10 minutes instead of 4 weeks with other tools."

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Inspiir Media
12 brands

"Measuring Blended CAC is a real pain in the neck without Polar. We tried other tools and even thought about building our own tool before we found Polar."

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Key features dedicated for Agencies

Monitor all your clients' data in one master account

With the ability to connect to multiple data sources like Shopify, Klaviyo, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc., Polar saves you time by pulling all the data into one place. The dashboards are customizable to show the KPIs that matter to your clients, and the reports are easily accessible and refreshed daily.

Customizable Dashboards

The dashboards are customizable and you can easily switch between clients to get a high-level overview of their performance. Additionally, Polar offers the ability to have multiple views, so you can share different parts of the dashboard with different team members.

Never let something affect your clients’ ROI with smart alerts

With Polar, you can rest assured that you won't miss a single drop in your client's ROI. Our smart alerts feature keeps you informed in real-time of any changes in your client's metrics. Whether it's a drop in ROAS or a change in CAC, you'll be the first to know, so you can take action.
Say goodbye to inefficient manual monitoring and hello to peace of mind with Polar's smart alert

White-labeled Client Reports

By presenting professional reports to your clients with your branding, you'll build trust and credibility. Additionally, Polar makes it easy to share reports with your clients, so you can showcase your results and drive growth. With Polar, you'll be able to impress your clients and build your brand.

Insights and Optimizations

With the ability to slice and dice your data with smart filters, you can identify what's working and what's not. Additionally, Polar provides insights and benchmarks, so you can compare your performance to others in your industry. By using Polar, you'll be able to optimize your client's marketing budget and drive better results.

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Commission paid per brand


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Agency Account

You pay per brand supported
Price per number of brands


Unlimited integrations
Hourly refresh of data
Unlimited historical data
Unlimited users
White Label options
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Pricing tailored for agencies

Are you an agency or a venture studio? We support multi-brands features with dedicated capabilities.

Cube partnership

Dec 27, 2022

Having recently found Polar Analytics, we’ve found it’s had a significant impact on how we track our analytics and data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. It’s wholistic approach and versatility has enabled us to integrate our most important data sources at the click of a button and create custom reports and dashboards to track sales, ad spend, CRM performance and so much more. It’s very easy to use and the team at polar have been really helpful.


Jan 21, 2023

Polar Analytics has been a game-changer for us as a multi-brand business. Out of all the tools we were looking at, Polar had the best UI & UX. The app is easy to navigate and set up, and it has a wide range of features that have helped us streamline and enhance our business operations. The customer support team is also top-notch, they are always quick to respond and help with any issues or questions that we have.

The Illinois Store

Dec 22, 2022

Our company is a growing merchandising management company that manages the merchandise sold for dozens of national brands. We needed a tool that could help us customize reporting that we could see for all of the shops we run on Shopify at once. Polar gave us a phenomenal onboarding and trial period. They worked with our team hand in hand to build specific custom reports, help us set up daily notifications of our KPIs, and helped us set up our main landing page to review key metrics that can be set by date. Their platform has been great for our financial and managerial reporting. I have loved working with Abby and other members of the team. Highly suggest doing a trial of polar if you're managing several Shopify accounts!

Why pioneering agencies
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The Most Comprehensive Solution for Shopify Agencies
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