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Are you managing brands and want to monitor them more easily? Are you enabling eCommerce merchants to grow and want to provide them with the best analytics platform?

Let's discuss and find out the best partnership option for you!

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Integrate multiple eCommerce brands data in one click

Stop spending time exporting data and consolidating spreadsheets. Polar takes care of this for you and helps you make quick and valuable business decisions.

✅  Get All your clients data in one single place
✅  Focus on delivering results to your clients

Instantly calculate and track your core KPIs

We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can visualise important metrics that help you monitor and grow your store: Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts.

You can also personalize the charts as much as you want, with your own metrics definitions.

Build your own reports seamlessly

Go beyond ready-made templates and tap into all the data connected by Polar Analytics to create your own metrics and custom reports. Create a single source of truth of business metrics with Polar Analytics.

Leverage agency-tailored features

Account management: all your brands in one single account with separated Views
Reporting: build custom reports to share with your clients

✅  1 account for all clients
✅  White-labelling option
✅  Custom email reports

Active Customers and Active Subscription on Recharge

Automatically monitor all your clients 24/7

ROI management: never miss any critical information on one of your clients thanks to automated custom alerts. You will receive these alerts instantly by e-mail or Slack.

✅  Manage more customers, more efficiently

Partners FAQ

What are Polar partnerships models?
Agency Subscriptions
You own/operate marketing and/or Shopify performance for DTC brands. You wish to have a holistic vision of your clients’ brands and automate reporting from one single platform? You also want to have isolated account for each brand and customize each client account according to their specific needs.
Agency Plans are what’s best for you! 100% customize experience for you and your clients!

Referral Models
You want to provide the best analytics platform for your clients and receive a 20% commission on each converted deal? Referral Partnerships are here for you! The Polar team takes care of the whole sales process and offers you a dedicated Partner Deck in addition to specific newsletters.
How does commission work?
You get a referral commission of 20% for every transaction associated with the account during 1 year. This is paid quarterly. Your referral only need to mention coming from you during the first call.

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