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Integrate all your eCommerce data in one click

Ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets. Centralize all your eCommerce datasources in one click. We support all the major connectors of Shopify brands. No need to maintain a data-pipeline or setup a data-warehouse, we have it covered for you.

Instantly calculate and track your core KPIs

We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can visualise important metrics that help you monitor and grow your store: Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts.

You can also personalize the charts as much as you want, with your own metrics definitions.

Build your own reports seamlessly

Go beyond ready-made templates and tap into all the data connected by Polar Analytics to create your own metrics and custom reports. Create a single source of truth of business metrics with Polar Analytics.

Never miss anything with alerts

You can set manual alerts on your most important KPIs: drop in conversion rate, increase in Customer Acquisition Cost, etc. or you can rely on our Artificial Intelligence to do that for you. You will receive these alerts instantly by e-mail or Slack.

Why 1500+ pioneering brands chose Polar Analytics


Ando R. - Head of Growth & eCommerce

October 31, 2021

The best Analytics app for Shopify stores. It changed the way we monitor our data and analytics on a daily and weekly basis.

It is now impossible for us not to use Polar Analytics.

Coes, Golding, Goddards

Robert M - eCommerce Manager

April 14, 2022

We’d used a few reporting tools in the past and were looking for something that would give us the reporting needed to help grow the business, integrating in all our marketing channels and reporting on them in one place. Polar has been excellent since day one, some huge pro’s:

+ Excellent customer service. The Polar team has been very helpful in getting us setup, answering any questions we have and offering great advice.
+ Easy to use reporting. Our team has found it very easy to use, report on and get useful insights from.
+ Lots of depth and customisation. The ability to create custom reports and custom metrics has been great and has let us tailor the reporting to our needs.
+ Their roadmap of development looks very positive, so hopefully it only gets better!

We would definitely recommend.


Mhamed L. - VP of Growth

Mar 29, 2022

At first we wanted use Tableau or Power BI... And we have found that gem. Since we used Polar Analytics we are able to understand our business everyday.

Here the benefits of Polar Analytics :

-Less time of reporting
-Every people of the team can access and understand the data.
-Understand your cohorts
-You can anticipate the sold out with the forcast solution
-You can Kill product with Low LTV
-You can construct product bundles for better recommendations.
At the end we have increase +20% growth.

I bet tomorrow there will be two kinds of business, shops who use Polar and the others.

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Case studies

How eCommerce Brands grow up faster and easier with Polar?


Save 15 hours a week with Polar Analytics

Full-stack Business intelligence for Shopify Brands


Polène uses Polar Analytics to bring all their data in one place across 8 geographies and Shopify stores and automate their eCommerce reporting.

Merci Handy

Merci Handy uses Polar Analytics to improve performance across 4 different countries and notably monitor advertising performance from all platforms and get unique merchandising insights.

Hero Comestics

Hero Cosmetics uses Polar Analytics to align all the team and receive targeted alerts on Marketing Spend, CAC and ROAS.


Olipop uses Polar Analytics to have control and autonomy on their data on CAC & LTV.

See how other leading Shopify brands use Polar Analytics to stop manually compiling their data

Join 1500+ leading Shopify brands around the world using Polar Analytics to stop manually compiling their data

Rated 5/5 stars on Shopify

Polar Analytics enables independent brands to grow faster, by building the first marketing dashboard
that enable you to integrate data, visualize it and get smart insights.

Managing Director

Live Verdure (ASX:LV1)

Ran V.

I use this daily in my analytics. This beats Lifetimely, Google Data Studio and any other software I tried. Highly recommended.


Homefield Apparel

Connor H.

We've looked for the right marketing analytics data visualization platform for 2+ years, and Polar Analytics has been the best by far. They come pre-loaded with key marketing metrics (CAC, ROAS, Spend) that we're looking for, and have easily customizable dashboards for different looks we want to create. Their support has been super helpful as well - if I do not know how to create something, they help right away.

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Petty Well

Sacha B.

Best analytics app for Shopify! I've tried a lot of tools in the past: Supermetrics, Data Studio, Databox, and none of them were working for me... The data wasn't accurate and I couldn't combine all my data. Really happy that I've found Polar Analytics! 100% recommend.