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Join 250+ Shopify Brands getting actionable insights effortlessly

Integrate all your marketing data in one click

No more time-consuming spreadsheets with 10 tabs. Centralize all your marketing datasources in one click, into the Polar Analytics Dashboard. We support all the major connectors of D2C brands.

No need to maintain a data-pipeline or setup a data-warehouse, we have it covered for you.

Spend vs. Acquisition Cost Chart

Instantly calculate and analyze your KPIs

We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can visualise important metrics that help you monitor and grow your store: Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts.

You can also personalize the charts as much as you want, with your own metrics definitions. All charts are built using SQL language so your team or ours can customize them. 

Automatically monitor your metrics and get smart insights 24/7

You can set manual alerts on your most important KPIs: drop in conversion rate, increase in Customer Acquisition Cost, etc. or you can rely on our Artificial Intelligence to do that for you.

You will receive these alerts instantly by e-mail or Slack.

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Why 250+ pioneering brands choose Polar Analytics

Elevated Faith

"This is a very robust analytics platform that plays with Shopify VERY well. I have integrated Tik Tok ads, Pinterest ads and Snapchat ads seamlessly which most platforms don't offer. The customer service is top notch as well and they are always willing to work on further integrations if they don't already offer it!"

Josh Gander
Founder & CEO 
Elevated Faith
The Cobblers

"With online sales, stores, b2b, recurring business our marketing reporting was a nightmare. After spending $1000+ in Data Studio Connectors and data viz freelancing we found Polar that made our marketing decision much easier. Great customer support and customization for an affordable price"

Mehdi Sellami
Media Buyer
The Cobblers
Sparklane (Magal group)

"The app is very user friendly. We are able to see our key metrics and performance in less than a minute! David and his team were very helpful and helped us creating custom reports. Definitely recommend."

Sacha Griguer
Co-founder & CEO 
Magal Group

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Up to 1,000,000 visits per month

20+ Polar Connectors
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Unlimited visits per month

20+ Polar Connectors
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Get a 10x advantage with Polar Analytics

Empower your brand with Polar Analytics

Polar Analytics enables independent brands to grow faster, by building the first marketing dashboard that enable you to integrate data, visualize it and get smart insights. 

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“Polar Analytics is the full-stack marketing dashboard I needed! It helps us save so much time by collecting data from multiple sources and cleaning it, so that we can focus on generating the insights that will drive growth and executing on them”

Guillaume Luccisano, FOUNDER @BONJOURPETIT
Logo Bonjour Petit

“Game changer. With Polar Analytics, we pull together and aggregate all our Marketing data every day. It really made Analytics accessible.”

Logo Berine

Without Polar Analytics, it took forever to calculate and report to my investors on Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value. Now, our life is much easier - it's automatically done through the app.

Logo Pettywell