SuperMetrics + Data Studio alternative for Shopify stores

Discover Polar, a simple yet powerful marketing dashboard.

Connect your marketing sources in one click.
all your data at the same place.
Augment with insights and anomaly detection in realtime.


Join 950+ D2C Marketers getting actionable marketing insights effortlessly

An all-in-one marketing dashboard

Polar simplifies data analysis for Shopify stores.
No more time-consuming and uncertain spreadsheets, we generate a holistic, actionnable and smart dashboard for you.

Why take SuperMetrics Connectors, load them into a Google Sheet and spend time setting up a Data Studio when you can have it all done in one app? 

We are specialised in Shopify stores, deliver tailored onboarding and support all the integration you need.

The best Super Metrics and Data Studio alternative for Shopify Brands

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Data-sources connectors
Data-sources connectors you'll actually use as a D2C brand
Limited Shopify data, daily refresh only in Super Pro plan
Beautifully designed dashboard
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Actionable dashboard, built from an operator perspective
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But will require a lot of setup
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Ability to marry data from different sources
(CAC, ROI, etc.)
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Smart insights and anomaly detection
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Dedicated Support, Training and Personalization
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Connect all your marketing data in one click

No more spreadsheets with 10 tabs. You only need one click to connect and centralise all your marketing datasources.

Unlike Super Metrics, we specialise on Shopify stores and you don't need to set-up a data-warehouse or buy connectors, everything gets stored and refreshed in Polar.

Get your marketing dashboard instantly

We've built pre-defined e-commerce dashboards to help you analyze important metrics that help you grow: Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts.

You can also personalize the charts as much as you want, with your own metrics definitions.

Spend vs. CAC Chart Example

Automatically monitor your metrics 24/7

Receive smart alerts and insights using machine learning. Never miss an issue affecting your revenue or customer experience ever again.

You get instant slack/email alerts when an abnormal change occurs in one of your KPIs (drop in conversion rate, increase in CAC, etc.).

Slack Alerts example

Flexible pricing as you scale
14 days free trial - no credit card required

per month

Up to 100,000 visits per month

20+ Polar Connectors
Daily refresh of data

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per month

Up to 1,000,000 visits per month

20+ Polar Connectors
Daily refresh of data

Unlimited Stores

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Unlimited visits per month

20+ Polar Connectors
Hourly refresh of data

Unlimited Stores

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The best way for Shopify Marketers to get actionable insights

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We switched from Supermetrics to Polar Analytics. For the same price, Polar not only aggregates my data but has all the dashboards and templates ready-made in the app. It's much easier to manage!

Guillaume Luccisano, FOUNDER @BONJOURPETIT
Shopify Advanced

I was about to build a Data Studio report powered by Super Metrics but then I discovered Polar Analytics: my detailed custom dashboard was ready in only one week. It is extremely useful to save time and make the right decisions!

Antoine, CO-FOUNDER @Polène Paris

Shopify Plus
Logo Polene

Without Polar Analytics, it took us 1 day per week to calculate and report to my investors on CAC and LTV. With Polar, our life is much easier, it is all automatically aggregated in the app.